A Nurse’s Opposing View To RESOLVE’s National Infertility Awareness Week® – Blog #6

This is the 6th blog of a series of 7 for the celebration of RESOVES National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) from Easter Sunday, April 21 to April 27th. During the previous blogs, I’ve talked about how it is important to focus on how to improve fertility rather than on being aware of your own infertility as per your medical diagnosis. The emphasis on fertility consciousness, instead, can improve the chances of conception and birth of a healthy baby.

In the book, Taking Charge of Your Own Fertility, the author Toni Weschler talks about optimizing the chances of getting pregnant through fertility awareness. She speaks about education of women relating to their own natural cycles, for example, and addresses the issue of how to evaluate the optimum time of peak fertility by monitoring cervical mucous each month. An important point she makes is that not every woman has a 28-day cycle or ovulates at day 14 as they have been instructed to calculate.

One of the obvious challenges that many women experience is that they receive the diagnosis of infertility after a year of trying to conceive when their timing to optimize results may be off, just like when you are at bat and your swing is a little out of synch with the pitch. You try and try to wing it, but the harder you try, the harder it gets to hit the ball. Three strikes and you’re out.

This is true even with the pros. Just because they are paid millions of dollars to play baseball doesn’t mean that they will always get a hit. It may mean that they are in a slump and need to work on more than the physical mechanics of their swings. It may require looking at being at bat metaphysically, that is, beyond the physical body.

Fortunately, for women there are more chances than 3 in their lives to conceive a child on a monthly basis from menarche to menopause, but the Law of Reverse Effect may prove to be problematic for them and very stressful as well. This can lead to a lack of confidence in one’s ability to be fertile and conceive a child naturally or with IVF, for that matter. It can be detrimental to their psyches as they get out of touch with themselves emotionally. This creates imbalances in the extremely delicate endocrine system. It negatively impacts fertility through the activity of the brain in the hypothalamus that directly affects the ovaries through the HPA axis.

So how does one get back in the swing? It requires a holistic approach in body, mind, spirit, and emotions. To answer this question, let’s just look at what the pros know. To be considered as a candidate for the Baseball Hall of Fame, all you have to do is hit the ball 3 out of 10 attempts. This means that you will fail at it 7 times. So the pros learn what I call “Mindful Toughness Skills” that I teach to my clients in my work as a peak performance coach, whether they are baseball players, wrestlers, entrepreneurs in a competitive market, or just plain working on conceiving a child and getting in the fertility zone.

Since we are working with a universal principle here that is aligned with fertility consciousness, it becomes as automatic as your swing after batting practice. Researchers have shown that it only takes 21 days to change a habit in the way you think, in the way you feel, and in the way you behave. If you feel that you should become pregnant within the timeframe you set for yourself without looking at what you can do to improve each month, your results may be less than stellar. If, at Easter, your cousin brought her newborn to brunch to introduce to the family, and you are anxious, depressed and upset by this, then it is time to examine what you are doing to enhance your own fertility. Perhaps you will become an active participant and decide to take charge of it by destressing and by learning how to be mindfully tough.

Begin to explore all the reasons why you have not accomplished your goal of conception. It may be something that is holding you back psychologically or culturally that you are not currently aware of in the present moment. Self-exploration is essential as well as the use of a feedback loop to understand what is working and what is not during your fertility journey. Understand that the negative beliefs and feelings you may have will put a brake in progress to move forward. So this month, change it up a bit, just like a pitcher does to strike someone out.

I invite readers to return tomorrow for the 7th blog of this series during NIAW. Those interested can watch my YouTube video on performance enhancement to improve fertility and to visit my Facebook page at fertility enhancement coaching to view TV appearances on such subjects as Operation Heal, Metamorphosis, as well as listening in on my recording listed on my websites at: fertilebodyhypnosis.com and idealperformance.net.

Thank you for your time today.  I appreciate your interest in my work. On blog 7, we will discuss some of the features of my program for fertility enhancement and how you can implement them easily by using MindPower.

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