A Nurse’s Opposing View To RESOLVE’s National Infertility Awareness Week® – Blog #7

During this series of 7 blogs relating to how to enhance fertility during National Infertility Awareness Week, I talked about how it is important for one to maximize the chances of getting pregnant by going beyond looking solely at the physiological aspects of fertility and the medical model of IVF to resolve all your fertility challenges. It is important to “get in the fertility zone,” as much it is essential for professional baseball players so they can get a hit by using MindPower, along with good ergonomics and mechanical techniques.

Why is MindPower important to implement before a couple begins their fertility journey into parenthood? Researchers have concluded that the mindset of parents before conception is important for the emotional and psychological development of their offspring after birth. Since there is a mind-body connection that balances out the Endocrine System to allow for natural functioning of a woman’s menstrual cycle, for example, an alignment is necessary in body, mind, spirit and emotion.

I discussed how de-stressing is an important ingredient to improve fertility so that the body’s delicate balance is maintained. Feeling stressed out in response to stressors negatively disrupts this balance. Within the HPA Axis, the hypothalamus in the brain picks up the stress you are feeling. The origin of the stress does not matter to the brain, so whether it is caused by long-term infertility or by the stress at work makes no difference in the body’s response. The message of stress is sent to the Pituitary gland that is also located in the brain.

The brain reacts by sending another message to the adrenals that are located just above the kidneys, where excessive cortisol production directly and negatively impacts the ovaries. The reaction to stress is swift and automatic, especially when you do not have coping skills to handle the stress-filled events. Many research studies point to the fact that one’s response to stress can be both a causative factor for infertility as well as a negative reaction to it that builds up over time.

This is particularly true for those who have unexplained infertility with no physical cause. You may have been told that your fertility issues are “all in your mind.”  Has someone said to you that you should just relax and the stork will come? Well, there is some truth to this message but not because you are crazy or have mental illness. It is true because of what I just explained about the HPA Axis and how the brain responds to stress that is not under conscious control.

One major ingredient to becoming fertility conscious is to know how to handle life’s situations with ease by learning how to access MindPower. I found this out after having 4 miscarriages and having a stressful job as a visiting nurse in an underprivileged neighborhood in NY. I decided to help myself by learning meditation and self-hypnosis and by eating better with a healthier lifestyle. I became more mindful of what I could do to become fertility aware after a GYN doctor told me the only way I could have a baby was to take a toxic drug called DES, even though at the time it was proven to cause birth defects and cancer in mother and offspring.

It was fortunate for me to get back into balance and to teach others how to maintain their fertility when all else fails by accessing the subconscious mind, where all information about natural fertility abides. This is the basis of my program, Metamorphosis: Fertility Enhancement Coaching, which you can check out on my website: fertilebodyhypnosis.com. I assist my clients in becoming mindfully tough to navigate the fertility journey before, during, and after conception and childbirth. Learning breathing easy exercises, mental rehearsal to envision success and knowing how to talk to yourself in a positive manner are incorporated into my program so you can develop an “Expectant Mind. These techniques and tools can be helpful for both males and females. It is advantageous for couples to work in harmony with each other to get into the fertility zone on their own by playing an active role.

Thank you for opting to participate with me during NIAW and by reading the 7 blogs I have written. I wish you every success during your procreative endeavors. My best wishes for you are that you reach a higher level of performance through the introduction of the principles of fertility consciousness that I have presented to you this past week.

Feel free to contact me and to look at my YouTube video on fertility enhancement, my websites for my radio interviews listed, and for my TV appearances on Facebook at Fertility Enhancement Coaching. I work online and in-office.

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