A Nurse’s Opposing View To RESOLVE’s National Infertility Awareness Week® – Blog #3

In the two previous blogs I wrote this week, while we celebrate National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW), we began to view FERTILTIY as a way of consciousness, not just as something that occurs to women once a month in their menstrual cycles or for men as they produce sperm and eject it into a female during a sexual encounter. If this were the case, then we can speak about our reproductive physiology the way a plumber once did in my bathroom while fixing the tub faucet. He said he needed a “his” and a “her” joint so the pipes could connect properly.

Indeed, fertility is part and parcel of a wonderful life cycle that is metaphysical because it goes beyond just the physical and includes body, mind, spirit, and emotion. With this being said, fertility must be cultured and not merely uncovered, simply because it is innate within all of us, especially women because they are born with all the ovum or eggs already planted within the ovaries.

Just like the adult butterfly is created for the sole purpose of perpetuation of its kind, so are human beings, although, of course, some folks opt not to produce children through their own volition. These days, we refer to this group as “childfree” because they make that choice, while those confirmed “childless” think they have no say in the matter.

You may be wondering what the term “fertility consciousness” means to you. What is it and how does it relate to your procreativity?  It is an in-touch feeling, where you align yourself with Mother Nature. It benefits women greatly to become more aware of their own fertility before, during, and after pregnancy. Ancient cultures understood this concept at Machu Picchu, Peru, where women prayed to the fertility goddess, Pachamama and aligned with Mother Nature in the temple. Of course, fertility included good weather conditions to produce food and textiles, as well as healthy babies.

This process of alignment includes self-exploration and self-expression with trusted healthcare professionals or friends and family members who understand you and your fertility challenges. It requires you to become an active participant in your own fertility journey beyond going to a reproductive endocrinologist for IVF or an OB/GYN physician or a third-party participant.

Becoming fertile is a balancing act, not a disease. My daughters were competitive gymnasts. I instructed them to explore why they fell off the balance beam before they got back on. They had to expect to succeed. To score, it’s important to examine the mental, physical, and emotional errors in thinking and feeling. Otherwise, you are knocked off balance before you begin.

For me, learning fertility consciousness was an important lesson on my personal journey to understand and to incorporate into my ways of knowing after having 4 miscarriages. I had to develop what I call an “Expectant Mind” in the same way I taught my daughters year later on how to score on the balance beam of life! You believe you can do it, and you envision yourself succeeding. You expect to succeed, and you do. This is true of anything in life, when you think about it. To graduate from college, we all have to envision ourselves in some way on the stage receiving the graduation diploma.

From an early age I saw myself as a mother, envisioning having 8 children. I remember walking by a church and telling my best friend that I would accomplish my goal. I did experience 8 pregnancies and ended up with 4 beautiful children, with many reproductive challenges that I describe on my You Tube video and on my TV appearances on Facebook that you can access on Fertility Enhancement Coaching.

I invite you to listen to my radio interviews through my websites, Fertilebodyhypnosis.com and idealperformance.net where they are listed. I welcome you to communicate with me in an open forum by phone or e-mail, so that you can get back into balance and become the person you were born to be.

Come back tomorrow to read Blog #4 during NIAW. Thank you for sharing your journey and spending your valuable time with me.

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