Program Details

Metamorphosis: Fertility Enhancement Coaching is a unique holistic program based on The Fertile Body Method (FBM). It is designed to show women that they are more than their infertility diagnosis. Participants in the program can learn experientially how to help themselves by being their own best friends. While women are faced with fertility issues that block the way to having a baby, stress and anxiety accumulate over the time. This causes imbalances in brain function and in the natural production of female hormones.

It has been shown through research that stress reduction through self-hypnosis and other mind-body techniques used in The Fertile Body Method can aid in the development of fertility consciousness, in the establishment of body realignment, and in the implementation of a successful outcome for women. The same MINDFUL TOUGHNESS skills that athletes use to win, can be easily learned and translated into useful techniques that are adaptable to improving fertility. These skills will assist in overcoming many obstacles and conflicts that women may have to succeed.

This hands-on coaching program addresses the needs of body, mind, spirit, and emotion. The principles of Ericksonian hypnosis are adhered to during the session, using guided imagination, storytelling, metaphors, and imagery, as well as Hypnotic Relaxation Therapy. In addition hypno-meditation, cognitive behavioral reframing, and mindfulness add value to the experiential learning  features of this program.

The beauty of learning and using these skills from an experienced and professional health coach and registered nurse is that they are portable and are transferable to other situations. They can be used at home, in relationships, and at work. The stresses of having procedures, surgery, or doctors’ visits can be overwhelming, and stress reduction techniques can ease the way to successful healing.


Each session is individualized to client needs and includes a discussion of weekly events, as well as an experiential learning focus, using self-hypnosis. Skills are built incrementally from the ground up, adding new skills each visit.

The comprehensive ADDED VALUE package is available online or in-person and includes 12 hours of fertility coaching – 6 weekly-2-hour sessions. Visits are made by appointment only, and are scheduled according to clients’ needs, as much as possible. This discounted package requires full payment prior to the first visit.

Single-visit sessions, pay-as-you-go, are in-office only. The sessions are 1.5 – 2 hours and are charged at $150/hour.

Completed Prior To The First Session:

  1. Complimentary online or phone interview (15 minutes)
  2. Fertility history form completed
  3. Signed contract
  4. If taking online course, pay for 12-hour program in full before first session.
  5. Print out relevant program material (for online course)


Essential Components of Each Session of Comprehensive 12-Hour Program:

  1. Discussion, including events of previous week
  2. Explore connection with Body-Mind-Spirit and the Fertile Body Method to improve fertility consciousness
  3. Learn new mindful toughness techniques and/or review use of previously learned techniques
  4. Develop imagery that addresses current issues
  5. Experience Hypnotic Relaxation, using guided imagination, stories, metaphors, and symbolism
  6. Discussion of hypnotic experience and what was learned
  7. Learn how to do a body scan and how to talk to “body-self” to improve fertility function
  8. How to reframe words for positive self-talk
  9. Homework Assignment

Examples of mindful toughness principles for stress reduction, using the Fertile Body Method and self-hypnosis, including:

  1. Breathing Easy
  2. Mental Rehearsal (Visualization)
  3. Positive Self-talk
  4. Mental Recall


Samples of 2-Hour Session Content

Session #1

  1. Discussion of fertility history, based on completion of form prior to first session
  2. Explain how the subconscious mind works with regard to fertility enhancement, using the Highway to Success
  3. Discuss Fertility Consciousness as a state of mind and what it means to fertility enhancement.
  4. Explore client-centered goals, based on current needs and issues
  5. Experiential hypnotic relaxation and guided imagination
  6. Discuss experience and what was learned in session
  7. Homework Assignment


Session #2

  1. Discussion of what events took place during the week, any insights, and challenges. How did you use the techniques taught during previous session? How did they work?
  2. Demonstrate how Chevreul’s Pendulum works for you and explain the Law of Attraction
  3. Introduce Mental Rehearsal and how to use it for individual benefit
  4. Experiential hypnotic technique, using guided imagination
  5. Discuss experience and what was learned in session
  6. Homework Assignment


Session #3

  1. Discussion of events of previous week and how challenges were resolved and how issues were handled by using techniques
  2. Experience “Looking Back to the Future,” which aids in applying past learning to future events.
  3. During experiential hypnotic techniques, imagery is used that serves to shed new light on issues of the past and highlight the future so goals can be accomplished
  4. Learn to talk to body and use body scan through imagination
  5. Discuss experience and what was learned in session
  6. Homework assignment


Session #4

  1. Discussion on events of previous week and how challenges were resolved, using new techniques
  2. Introduction to positive self-talk and how to write positive suggestions
  3. Techniques on how to talk to yourself positively for fertility consciousness
  4. Experiential hypnotic relaxation with positive suggestions
  5. Discuss experience and what was learned in session
  6. Homework assignment


Session #5

  1. Discussion on events of previous week and how challenges were resolved, using new techniques.
  2. Introduction to general principles of goal setting for fertility consciousness
  3. Work on individualized plans of action
  4. Explain how to use goal setting to your advantage. Discuss using goal setting forms.
  5. Experiential hypnotic relaxation to set up to accomplish goals
  6. Homework assignment


Session #6

  1. Discussion on events of previous session and how challenges were resolved, using positive self-talk
  2. Review completed goal setting forms and plans of action
  3. Add mental recall technique to build confidence
  4. Review all mindful toughness techniques and self-hypnosis
  5. Discuss “Winning ways to maintain fertility consciousness”
  6. Experiential hypnotic relaxation technique that incorporates new techniques and guided imagery for success.
  7. Homework assignment