My Philosophy

As women, you have inherited the ability to become Pro-Creators. This is an awesome privilege. Your connection to “Mother Earth” is natural and is rooted in your ancestry. The desire to have biological offspring is strong and is built into the biology and the psyche of women before birth. Some may forego by choice this rite of passage of having a child, and some, who are deemed infertile, may feel that they have no choice.

Fertility Consciousness

Your reproductive system has a unique balance, and it is your responsibility to keep it that way. Each woman has a knowing about herself and her reproductive creativity. I call it “fertility consciousness.” It begins early in life at menarche and ends at menopause. There is a rhythm each month, and each woman dances to her own beat—to the music within herself. The female life cycle is very delicate. It requires that women be in touch with themselves in body, mind, and spirit. This necessitates not only being knowledgeable about the reproductive cycle itself, but about how they relate to it emotionally. It is important to be close to nature, if you wish to learn how to create and support life. This helps women to ground themselves in their ways of knowing.

Women, particularly those with fertility challenges, benefit from becoming expert “Gardeners,” so to speak, to understand what it takes to plant the seeds and tend to the flowers while watching them grow. They must be aware of any possible conditions that may stunt the plant’s growth or harm it in any way, Benchsuch as animals feeding on it. The soil conditions must be fertile, with the correct light and water requirements. This is so photosynthesis can take place, and the flower can be nourished from the inside out.

There must be a conscious effort before the seeds are planted. This is necessary so that delicate flowers may have a chance to bloom and reach their potential. Even so, the bloom lasts only a short time before it fades. Therefore, time must be appreciated and used to the fullest to seize the precious moment.

Women can observe the creatures that abound in nature. They can learn from squirrels scurrying to collect acorns to store them for the future and from mother birds feeding their young fledglings that flit about, just learning how to fly. But long before this, the mother sets up the nest and incubates her eggs for hatching. She protects them from predators and guards them with her life.

Honor, Forgive, Trust, And Love Yourself 

Human females go through a similar process of nesting and of procreating. In this privileged position, women should honor who they are, forgive themselves of any transgressions, learn to trust in themselves, and love themselves as they would their offspring. Women may be faced with many obstacles along the way. Such challenges as physical, social, environmental, and psychological stressors can prevent the life-giving energies from flowing.

Bird NestHowever, the courage of conviction to know who they are and what they want to accomplish will set them free to break through the barriers to success. Even in uncertainty, the truth will set them free.

In the world of nature, there is no such diagnosis as “Infertility.” To be fertile is your rightful inheritance. It is your birthright, and no one can rob you of it, unless you let them. Although it is a natural process, you have to claim it for your own, just like the birds and the squirrels do.

I know these things from my own experience. Perhaps you do, too, but you have forgotten them. If you are in a state of imbalance, there are tools and skills you can learn to set you back on track to fertility consciousness. You can learn and experience them at The Summit Center for Ideal Performance in my program, Metamorphosis: Fertility Enhancement Coaching.

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