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Have Faith In Your Fertility

Posted by Dr. Christine Silverstein on February 7, 2018
Category: Fertility
Is it a mystery why infertility remains a growing phenomenon around the globe when, from generation to generation throughout the ages, females have faced toxic rhetoric and assaults on their feminine procreative capabilities? This occurs to such an extent that women, especially those in their reproductive years, are beaten down Read More
Adam and Eve In Garden of Eden by Peter Wenzel in Vatican Museum Pinacoteca

Go Forth and Be Fertile!

Posted by Dr. Christine Silverstein on February 1, 2018
Category: Fertility
After reading my last post about my experience with a miscarriage, when the doctor told me that my pregnancy was “all in my imagination,” I feel a fleeting sense of sadness, as I did when I wrote about it last week. However, with such exploration into my reproductive past, I Read More
In my last blog post, I mentioned the concept of  ”Fertility Consciousness.”  You may wonder what this term means and why is it important for you to know and understand as a female. I describe fertility consciousness as a state of mindfulness that is in tune with nature and is Read More
Statistically speaking, infertility affects 1 in 6 couples in the US, UK, and Australia, as well as in other countries around the world. Infertility is a common diagnosis given to women and men these days. In the past, such a condition was kept a secret by many, because within their Read More